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47 inch Standard Model

41 inch Small Model

TE Table Edge Model

SX Dual Thread Model

87 inch Large Model

Large Economy Model

Xtra Lg Model 12 Feet

Economy Model

Basic Platform Model

Folding Hinged Model

Multiple Rack Wrapper

Deluxe with Rack Model

Thread Master 1 Model

Thread Master 2 Model

Set 1A Stand

Set 2A Stand

Finish Directions pdf
Basic Weaving pdf
Basic Weaving Guide. Learn to add Letters to your Wrappings with this guide

        We carry several models of fishing and fly rod wrappers. There is a model to fit your style and technique. Picking a wrapper has allot to do with personnel preference. How you like to hold your wrists for example. Our small wrappers for those short on storage space. And our large model good for extra long rods or sections. Whether you are building a new rod from a blank or repairing a broken guide on a old favorite. We have the Wrapper for you. Be sure to check out the Basic Rod Wrapping Instruction Pages - Tips.

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